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Proyecto Amistad Update

March 11, 2014

Our Baja California AMO Teacher training, at an orphanage in Vicente Guerrero, went very well. Thirty people were trained at Cristo Por Su Mundo. They are very excited to implement the program for their children.

The week after Baja, we trained 48 people in Oaxaca (one of the worst states in Mexico in quality of education). Church leaders there are also very impressed and want to implement the program in their church-run schools and other outreach programs.

The schools are five days per week and take the place of public education. They have to pass the Secretary of Public Education requirements/tests, but they are free to use other curriculum.

Some are using an online system call Educazion, it is affordable and offers education that is not divorced from the Christian faith. Others use Advanced Christian Education (ACE). With their curriculum in place the teachers then implement AMO Program to enrich their programs with biblical Christian principles and approach to education.

For example, AMO trains teachers and parents about God's principle of Individuality. God is unique and so is each child, thus each child is approached in a little different way as needed. Another principle is about Christian self-government, in the classroom and in life. This gives us/the children liberty in Christ in governing our own decisions and life, etc. without being overly dependent on external government. I have seen this change the whole environment of the classroom from chaos to a peaceful, inviting place.

Our focus is to help churches and schools and homes add the AMO Program to help their efforts in education.

Chris McReynolds