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Diana Walls' 2nd Sunday Missions was established by Diana out of her love for missions, missionaries, and others. Each 2nd Sunday Mission Offering will support the missions listed here.
The AMO Program is an educational tool for discipleship.  AMO’s Mission is to Build hope and vision in the next generation to influence the culture for Christ by:
  • Producing an enriched,  principle-based program that nurtures the whole child with beauty, truth and moral goodness
  • Training lay Christians to use the Program
  • Cultivating a Christian worldview, sensibilities and character in two generations
AMO's mission in Mexico is led by Chris and Francelia McReynolds. 

Current News

Foundations for Families serves local families and churches in need of Christian counseling, discipleship, and mentoring.
House of Help Community Center is a Christ-centered ministry, committed to transforming lives in N.W. Detroit by providing services that meet practical needs in order to meet spiritual needs and develop strong families.

Tracy Tooley serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators through JAARS, a partner organization in the cause of Bible Translation. Learn more about her work by checking out her latest newsletter

Presbyterian World Missions - We also support the Holm family in Africa. Please click HERE for a current newsletter or follow more news on their blog by clicking HERE.