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July 16, 2015

posted Jul 20, 2015, 4:43 PM by Petoskey Presbyterian   [ updated Jul 20, 2015, 4:44 PM ]
July 16 Pastor’s Pen
Sorry for the delay in getting the “Pastor’s Pen” out to you. I was down in Grand Rapids dealing with some medical emergencies for my extended family, but they are all recovering and everyone is heading back home on Friday.
Thank you, thank you!!!!  This past Sunday was a beautiful day with the baptism of Orion Alexander Beavers in the morning and then an amazing ordination service in the afternoon. It really could not have happened without the help of the entire congregation. But I would especially like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Sue Fantini, Sandy Bollinger, Jean Fought and Bruce Cutshall for the many extra hours of work they did to make this such a rousing success. My father-in-law as they were preparing to leave town on Tuesday had this to say, “I don’t think we’ll get you out to the Pacific Northwest for quite some time. This place and these people are wonderful and I can tell this will be home for you for a good long while.” There was a note of resignation in his voice because he was hoping we wouldn’t like it here and would move out to be closer to them, but my comment is that they should move here to be with us!
Again, thank you for welcoming my whole extended family with open arms, for supporting us through all the illness and frustration with our house and for coming together to celebrate this new chapter in our lives. First Pres is an amazing church and I hope you know how special you all are.
This Sunday
Jake Tracy will be leading us in worship and preaching on Community. The text is Acts 2:43-47, “My Community, Our Community, The Community”. It will be a wonderful service and we will get to hear more about the ministry of our youth.
Several of us will be out at the Petosega campground this weekend for the Church campout. Please join us on Saturday about 6p for the potluck!
Jim Owen has a house!!!!  Let’s celebrate as we help him move into his new home. We’ll meet at 10a on Monday, July 20th at Harbor Park Storage. 3389 M-119, Just south of Johan’s Burger Express.
A Memorial Service Luncheon for Caroline Nutter is next Saturday, July 25th.
We will also be having a Memorial Service for Elena Vaughan at 2p on July 29th.
Thank you again for being a community that lifts each other up, supports each other and prays without ceasing.
Together we serve,
Pastor Ryan