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August 5, 2015

posted Aug 11, 2015, 8:39 AM by Petoskey Presbyterian   [ updated Aug 11, 2015, 8:40 AM ]
August 5, 2015 Pastor's Pen

As I noted in last week’s Pastor’s Pen summer has come and gone and I expect the snow to start flying soon. At least that is what people have told me… however, I’m hoping it holds out for a few more weeks, or a few more months if possible.

If you haven’t stopped the church during the middle of the week recently you’d be surprised at the number of people we have in utilizing our facility and the amount of work that is being done on different projects. New computers have been installed in the main office and my office, a new server has been installed to backup our records, two weeks ago a new air conditioning compressor was put in to replace one that conked out during the warmest days, and the nursery is in the middle of being updated. Needless to say, it’s always busy in the office and we’d love to have you stop by anytime. 

On this same note, in the process of transferring our information to the new computers we have noticed that some email addresses and emails have disappeared. So if you are expecting a response from either Tisha or myself and don’t get one, please send another email. It’s not that we are ignoring you, it’s just that we no longer have your email to reply to. Or if you are not receiving the Pastor’s Pen, or know of someone who is not receiving it, please let Tisha know in the office so that we can make sure you are added back onto the list. We appreciate your patience as we do this transition, which will allow us to better serve and communicate with you once everything is finalized.

This Week
No it’s not a computer problem, it’s a decision we’ve made to not have a paper bulletin this Sunday. We’ll be talking about how we care for God’s creation; one way we can be better stewards and “reign” over creation is by examining the resources we use. This is always a touchy issue but join with me as we explore the Hebrew meaning of rabah and kadash in the sermon.

It’s not too late to sign up for a sack lunch for Worship on the Bay, August 16th at 10a. Forms are available in the church office or in the back of the sanctuary on Sunday.

Together we serve,
Pastor Ryan